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The website (hereinafter the “Website”) was created by Nikolaos Tsimblides (hereinafter referred to as “GOLDEN GAIA”), in order to provide information and / or services and / or products to visitors / users of our website.


GOLDEN GAIA is committed to protecting the Privacy and Personal Data of visitors and users of its website. For this reason, the present “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) descri-bes and explains the type of personal data of the visitors and users of the site collected by GOLDEN GAIA and how GOLDEN GAIA manages and processes them, as well as how this privacy of the visitors / users of our site is protected, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the European and National legislation on the protection of personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications, as they in any case apply. For this reason, GOLDEN GAIA assures that all necessary organizational and technical measures will be taken, so as to ensure the safety of the personal data of visitors and users of the Website.

This Policy applies only to the information provided during your visit the Website and its use and is not applicable during visits to third party websites, to which the present Website is linked. This Policy also applies exclusively to online visits of visitors / users of the Website.

The Website can anytime in the future and according to the needs of GOLDEN GAIA provide additional uses, in order to gain increased functionality. This may freely lead to any change in the way GOLDEN GAIA collects and processes personal data of the visitors / users of the Website; therefore, additional terms may be added to this Policy in the future and / or the present terms may be modified and / or changed. However, in cases that the use of any service on the Website should be governed by a specific privacy policy, this particular policy -if not in conflict with the present Policy- will be shared. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Policies (specific and present), it is hereby stated that the terms of the specific privacy policy for each service will prevail.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that visitors / users are aware of which personal data GOLDEN GAIA collects, the reasons why the company collects and processes it, as well as to clearly disclose how it is being used and on the other hand explain the rights and choices of visitors / users, in relation to their personal data collected and processed during the visit to the Website.

It goes without saying that by visiting and using the Website, you expressly agree to this Policy and to the collection, use and processing of your personal information in accordance with this Policy.

GOLDEN GAIA collects and processes data of visitors / users of the Website solely for the purpose of the proper operation of it, in order to offer its visitors and users the best possible conditions for its full use and within the current legislation frame.

The Personal Data of the visitor and user of the Website is collected, maintained and processed by GOLDEN GAIA for the sole purpose of supporting, promoting, operating and improving the Website, as well as providing specific and optimal services to its visitors / users.

The recipients of the Personal Data of the service user are GOLDEN GAIA and the affiliated companies with GOLDEN GAIA, which are likely to process personal data, always in the context of their joint cooperation and solely for the purpose of providing the requested services by GOLDEN GAIA. In this case, the processing of the data will be made strictly and under the same terms and conditions as this Policy defines.

Nonetheless, your registration information is kept secure and is not disclosed to third parties for any reason whatsoever.

From the Personal Data of the visitor / user of the Website, some is requested and provided directly by the visitors / users of the Website (subscription to GOLDEN GAIA newsletters or services provided via our website etc.) and some is recorded indirectly, when navigating visitors and users on the Website. Thus, during your navigation on the Website, data is collected about the use of the website -aiming to analyze and follow-up the use of it- as well as the improvement of our site and our services. This data may be the IP address, visitor / user’s geographic location, link, visit duration, page views and navigation paths of the Website, as well as the frequency and use of the Website and its services by visitors / users.

In the context of the use of the Website, personal data is also collected and processed, in the event of interest by the visitor / user: (i) for any of GOLDEN GAIA products; (ii) for cooperation with GOLDEN GAIA (iii) communication with GOLDEN GAIA.

In particular, in all cases of similar interest towards GOLDEN GAIA, Personal Data is collected in accordance with the contact form posted on our site, which may include: name / business name and e-mail address, personal data of the business manager, contact details, postal code, tele-phones, tax identification number and subject of the message in the subject / message field. This Personal Data of the visitors / users of the services of the Website will be used by GOLDEN GAIA, in order to contact you for the purpose of informing you about its products and services via e-mail / mailing lists / newsletters or other appropriate ways and / or for purposes related to the inve-stigation of the possibility of professional co-operation with GOLDEN GAIA.

GOLDEN GAIA may use third-party service providers to host, store, manage and maintain the Website, its content and collected data, as well as other technical service providers (e.g. e-mail services), in order to communicate with you after your prior explicit consent to this communi-cation. GOLDEN GAIA is fully committed to third party service providers and cooperates with them only if they agree to use solely the personal data delivered to them and only for the purpose for which they are delivered, under the condition that the third party providers not only agree, but also guarantee that their engagement will be governed by the same stringent framework set by GOLDEN GAIA and will comply with the applicable legal and regulatory framework concerning personal data. It is self-evident that GOLDEN GAIA does not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties, unless you have explicitly given your consent to such an action or if GOLDEN GAIA has been forced and / or compelled by law to disclosure of personal data, or when such disclosure is indispensable for the in any way exercise or defense of legal claims, in any judicial proceedings or at the request of the Competent Authorities, but also in the course of a necessary extrajudicial procedure, for the purpose of the general protection of GOLDEN GAIA rights from malicious actions of third parties (e.g. hacking etc.).

The Website may in the future display advertisements from third-party websites, as well as contain links that refer to third-party websites. Once you have been transferred to these websites, this Policy ceases to apply and the validity of the corresponding policy on the website you are visiting commences.

The storage and processing of the personal data of visitors / users of the services of the Website is strictly processed as permitted by law or according to your explicit consent and only for as long as necessary, unless you disagree with the use of your personal data from GOLDEN GAIA, or if you declare your consent to be withdrawn. However, if required by law or warranted for legal action by GOLDEN GAIA against claims or its defense to keep personal data for a longer period of time, then GOLDEN GAIA will retain personal data for a similar period of time.


The Website uses, in accordance with and in compliance with the relevant legislation (Directives 2002/58/EC & 2009/136/EC and Greek Law 3471/2006) cookies for the identification of visitors / users during their navigation on the Website. As mentioned above, GOLDEN GAIA may collect visitor /user website identification data from the Website using corresponding technologies, such as cookies and / or Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking. Cookies are used to facilitate visitor / user access to the use of specific services and / or pages of the Website, mainly for statistical purposes, in order to allow GOLDEN GAIA to improve and enhance its website for better naviga-tion experience and unobstructed access by the visitor / user to the services of the Website. In the event that the visitor / user does not wish to use cookies for his / her recognition, he / she may not have access to these services.

Since you have made use of the Website, your rights to access and control your personal informa-tion are as follows:

  1. a) You have the right to access; that is, to be informed about what personal data relevant to you GOLDEN GAIA retains and processes and how it originated.
  2. b) You have the right to correct; that is, to ask for the correction and / or completion of the personal data, so as or it to be complete and accurate, by providing any necessary document indicating the need for completion or correction, which at the same time is your obligation.
  3. c) You have the right to restrict; that is, to ask for the limitation of the processing of your data.
  4. d) You have the right to object; that is to refuse and / or oppose to any further processing of your personal data maintained by GOLDEN GAIA.
  5. e) You have the right to oblivion; that is to ask for the deletion of your data from the GOLDEN GAIA files.
  6. f) You have the right to data portability; that is to ask GOLDEN GAIA to transfer the data you have provided to any other person responsible for processing.

It is noted that the satisfaction of claims under c, d and e, insofar as they relate to data necessary for the preparation or continuation and operation of the contract, whether granted by the visitor / user or obtained by any public source / authority, results to the visitor’s / user’s automatic termi-nation of the respective contract or contracts, in accordance with the respective terms. Further-more, GOLDEN GAIA is in any case entitled to refuse the request to restrict the processing or deletion of visitor / user data, if the processing or maintenance of the data is necessary for the foundation, exercise or support of a legitimate interest thereof, its rights or its compliance with its legal obligations in accordance with the above. The exercise of the right to portability (above under f) does not result to the deletion of the data from the GOLDEN GAIA files, which is subject to the provisions of the immediately preceding paragraph. The exercise of these rights acts for the future and does not relate to data processing already carried out.

The visitor / user has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (, which is the competent supervisory authority for the protection of the funda-mental rights and freedoms of natural persons against the data processing that relates to them, in the cases they considers that their rights are being infringed in any way.

For questions and / or clarifications about this Policy, your personal data or the practices of our Website, you can contact us via e-mail at the electronic address or via post at the following mailing address: Nikolaos Tsimblides / Central Market of Thessaloniki (Γ-5) / P.C. 54628, Thessaloniki.

GOLDEN GAIA has the right at any time to update this Policy without prior notice. The processing of personal data is self-evident and will be in accordance with the Policy in force at the time of the visitor / user consent. Any updating of the Policy will take place through suspension of a visible banner on our site.

Last Policy Update: August 30, 2018