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The website (hereinafter the “website”) was created by Nikolaos Tsimblides (hereinafter referred to as “GOLDEN GAIA”) in order to provide information and / or services and / or products to visitors and users of our website.

The use of the website presupposes that the visitor / user has studied, understood and accepted all terms of use of the website. If the visitor / user does not agree with the terms of use listed below, he / she must not make use of the services and content of the site.

GOLDEN GAIA may temporarily discontinue the operation of the website and modify, revise and update its terms of use and conditions at any time and without prior notice. The visitor / user must periodically review the terms of use of the website, otherwise its continued use implies explicit acceptance of these changes.

The visitor / user is prohibited from modifying or altering these terms of use, as well as any special terms of service.


Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The entire content of the website, except the explicit exceptions (copyrights of third parties), which are indicative and not restrictive, such as texts, graphics, information, data, drawings, drafts, illustrations, images, videos, sounds, trademarks, insignia, product and service logos, company names etc., is intellectual property of GOLDEN GAIA or its suppliers and partners and is protected by the applicable National, European and International Law on Intellectual and Industrial Pro-perty and is disposed to the users for strictly personal (non-profit or commercial) use. GOLDEN GAIA retains all copyright in the content of the website, as well as the copies created based on it.

It is strictly forbidden to any visitor / user of the website to copy, reproduce, transfer, store, republish, transmit, distribute, sell, publish, download, translate, modify in any way, announce, disseminate or use the content of the website in any way or means for commercial or other purposes, in part or in whole without the express prior written consent of GOLDEN GAIA. GOLDEN GAIA reserves against anybody all legal and / or contractual rights, other than those expressly mentioned in this paragraph.

All other trademarks, insignia, product names, company names, graphics and logos, which are trademarks and intellectual property and third party intellectual property and appear on the website belong to their legitimate owners, fall within their own sphere of responsibility and their appearance on the website does not and should not be construed as a transfer or assignment of any license or right to use it, unless otherwise expressly stated.


Privacy – Personal Data

GOLDEN GAIA respects the personal data of the visitors / users of their website. To protect the Privacy of visitors / users of our website, please consult the Privacy Policy available on our website:, which explains and lists the rights and the obligetions of visitors / users of the GOLDEN GAIA website.


Limitation of Liability of  GOLDEN GAIA – Disclaimer

The content of the website is provided “as listed” and GOLDEN GAIA does not provide any warranty -expressed or implied- as to the completeness, correctness, timeliness, commerciality, non-infringement or adequacy of this content for any use or purpose.

GOLDEN GAIA makes every effort to optimally operate its website, but in no case does this guarantee that the operation of the website will be uninterrupted and / or orderly. GOLDEN GAIA, under any circumstances, including negligence, shall not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused to visitors / users of its website and which will be related to its operation and the visit / use of the pages, services, choices and content of the website on which the visitor / user proceeds on his / her own initiative and with absolute and thorough knowledge of the present terms. GOLDEN GAIA also does not guarantee that the web pages, services, choices and contents will be provided continuously and error-free, that the errors will be corrected or that any queries placed via the website will be answered. Similarly, GOLDEN GAIA does not guarantee that the website or any other related website or servers via which the content is made available to visitors / users is provided virus-free or free of other harmful components. Under no circumstances will GOLDEN GAIA incur any costs relating to possible corrections or services, which will be borne exclusively by the visitor / user.


Using Links on Third Party Websites

The website provides access to third party websites via appropriate links. GOLDEN GAIA is not responsible in any circumstances for the content / services of other websites, which are subject to the respective terms and conditions of use and privacy of these websites. The affixing of the links is not a sign of approval or acceptance of the content of the respective websites by the administrator of the GOLDEN GAIA website, who is not responsible for their content nor for the privacy practices or accuracy of the components existing in them. If the visitor / user of the website decides to use one of the third party websites via the GOLDEN GAIA website links, he / she accepts that he / she does so on his /her own responsibility.


Obligations and Responsibilities of the Visitor / User of the Website – Access Codes

If the visitor / user wishes, when browsing the website, to make use of its services, for which prior subscription is required, he /she agrees that he /she must provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the data requested by the website for any relevant application relating to account creation, in order to access the contents / services of the website. He /she must also keep a record of his registration details with due diligence, so that they remain accurate and valid, up-to-date and complete. The visitor / user of the website is also responsible for choosing and not disclosing to third parties the personal data (username and password) he /she uses for the individual pages of the website. The user bears direct and exclusive responsibility in the event of any theft, loss or otherwise disclosure of the username and password used to access his / her account. The visitor / user agrees to promptly notify GOLDEN GAIA of any unauthorized use of his / her account and any breach and / or potential breach of security. The visitor / user is solely responsible for the use of his account and his / her regular exit from his / her account at the end of each session (Logout).

In order to be informed about GOLDEN GAIA efforts in keeping good operation of the website, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the website in the “Security / Cookies and Similar Technologies” section ( The visitor / user accepts that GOLDEN GAIA is entitled to modify and / or suspend temporarily or permanently all or part of the website, given that the website’s availability and operation may be influenced by extraneous factors (communication networks, large number of visitors / users who simultaneously visit / use the website, causes due to bouts or events of force majeure etc.). As a result, GOLDEN GAIA is not responsible for any kind of damage (positive, consequential, negligent, contractual or otherwise), resulting from the use or non-use or inability to use / visit the website. Finally, the visitor / user is required to refrain from any illegal, unlawful, uncontractual and improper use of the content and services of the website and to not commit acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to him / her or any third parties and may affect or endanger the provision of GOLDEN GAIA services. The visitor / user is solely responsible for the use of the website and for any damage that may be caused to him / her or to any third party due to or due to the above improper and unlawful use, as well as to fully compensate GOLDEN GAIA against any claim made by any third party, as a result of the use of the website. Thus, in any case of illegal use of the website or use contrary to the present terms and the current legal framework, the visitor / user is obliged to indemnify GOLDEN GAIA for any kind of damage (positive and / or consequential) incurred by his /her actions. The visitor / user is solely responsible for communicating with any third-party service providers advertised on the website and for any trade-related transactions that may arise from the relationship between them.



GOLDEN GAIA may collect user identification data from its website, using corresponding technologies, such as cookies and / or Internet Protocol (IP) address monitoring.

To find out more about cookies etc., you can consult the website’s Privacy Policy on “Cookies and Similar Technologies” (


Applicable Law and other Terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the website, as well as any modification or change thereof, are governed by National and European Law, as well as all relevant International Conventions. Any of these provisions found to be in breach of the above legal framework or to become invalid, shall automatically cease to be in force, without in any way undermining the validity of other terms. These terms constitute the overall agreement between GOLDEN GAIA -as the website administrator- and the visitor / user of these pages and services and bind only them as parties. No modification of these terms will be taken into account and will form part of this agreement, unless it has been drafted in writing and has been incorporated to it.

Any failure on behalf of GOLDEN GAIA to exercise a specific right or term, arising from these terms of use is not and cannot be construed as a waiver by the Company.

As Competent Courts for resolving any dispute arising from the present terms, which are governed by the Greek Law and are subject to the jurisdiction of its Courts, are designated the Courts of the Thessaloniki Region.

For any contact with the webmaster of the website, you may send an e-mail to tsiblas@hotmail. com.

Also, if you have noted any problems on legal or ethical issues within the content of the website, especially with regard to its reproduction and the use of intellectual property rights, please notify us at the above email addresses.

Last Updated Terms of Use: August 30, 2018.